October 6, 2004

When to Use Virtual Functions

The decision to use virtual functions is a simple matter. You just need to know when you’d want to override a base method. Take the following code as an example:

Get the End Date of a Financial Quarter

Often, in financial applications, the quarter end date is very important for financial calculations. The following function gets the end date of a Financial Quarter that is relative to the

Extract the Contents of ZIP/JAR Files Programmatically

Suppose jarFile is the jar/zip file to be extracted. destDir is the path where it will be extracted: java.util.jar.JarFile jar = new java.util.jar.JarFile(jarFile);java.util.Enumeration enum = jar.entries();while (enum.hasMoreElements()) { java.util.jar.JarEntry file

Getting Tidy with Eclipse

n my last article, “Extending Eclipse with Helpful Views,” I explained how easy it was to create new functionality in Eclipse. This article continues in the same vein by also