October 20, 2004

Validating Email Addresses with Regular Expressions in PHP

Most Web forms designed in PHP are made for user interaction. This generally means information exchange, and the most common way this is done is via email. Because of this, validating email addresses for misprints or false entries is crucial for succesful interactions. The following class is small and very

Getting the Week Start Date and Week End Date in SQL

Suppose you’re given a date and asked to retrieve data for the whole week in which the given date falls. The example code produces the Week Start Date and Week End Date: ———————————–Please set your appropriate values for @REPORT_DATE and @WEEK_BEGINING DECLARE @REPORT_DATE DATETIME, @WEEK_BEGINING VARCHAR(10)SELECT @REPORT_DATE = ‘2004-09-21T00:00:00’SELECT @WEEK_BEGINING

Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in VS.NET

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful when you use a particular option repeatedly?like when you select menus or toolbars manually. Sometimes, the default shortcut is cryptic and you cannot remember it. Otherwise, the shortcuts do not exist at all. Here is how you can assign your own custom shortcuts to the

Our Secrets to the My Namespace in VB 2005

lthough Visual Basic .NET is just as powerful as C# for building business applications, it did not get the initial push that C# did back at PDC 2000 when Microsoft unveiled .NET. This was not meant to slight Visual Basic and Visual Basic developers, but rather represented the state of

Offshoring: It’s Not Too Late to Change

here’s a great deal of information, innuendo, and rumor circulating concerning offshore outsourcing, more widely known as offshoring: the practice of moving jobs from a host country to a different country. Offshoring is a controversial topic because it affects people’s emotions powerfully on several different levels simultaneously; offshoring affects our