December 1, 2004

CoDe Talks: Q&A with Steve Ballmer

CoDe (Markus Egger): Mr. Ballmer, There is so much written about offshore development these days?I know Microsoft has offshore development operations in various parts of the world…how is it working

Understanding and Using .NET Partial Classes

ne of the language enhancements in .NET 2.0?available in both VB.NET 2005 and C# 2.0?is support for partial classes. In a nutshell, partial classes mean that your class definition can

Partially Optional Function Parameters in VBScript 5.0+

As you know, VBScript doesn’t support the declaration of optional parameters in subroutines or functions. So, if you have a function declared as: Myfunction(p1,p2,p3), to simulate optional parameters, you’d have