December 22, 2004

Remove Margins from the Browser

Suppose you want to put the contents of a page right up against the edges of the browser’s viewport. While you can force this using absolute positioning, there is a more elegant solution. The reason why content doesn’t start right at the top-left edge is because of margins. Some assume

Use Oracle Obfuscation to Encrypt Data Securely

Sometimes you need to encrypt certain data stored in your database?data like passwords and other condfidential information. Oracle Obfuscation is a technique in which data is encrypted or decrypted using a key. While the key can be supplied externally, it can also be stored securely inside an Oracle-wrapped package where

X12 EDI: It’s Not Dead Yet

n an article published last week on DevX entitled “Why EDI Must Die“, the author, Jeremy Jones, gives several reasons why he believes XML is superior to the X12 format for electronic data interchange. He points out several shortcomings of X12 and several arguments as to why XML is a