February 3, 2005

The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Productivity Tips for Crystal Reports and .NET

lthough Crystal Reports provides many outstanding capabilities to help build and deliver sophisticated presentation output, I’ll present a proven collection of reusable practices and methodologies that you can apply across most reporting projects to add that extra sparkle to your solutions. Building quality output is all about providing descriptive data

Build Your Own PHP Survey Engine

t seems that every Web site you go to nowadays has some kind of survey, feedback, or entertainment mechanism to evaluate site visitors and their goals. Surveys are a valuable tool that can help you build an effective community or refine your site content to better please your customers. In

No Easy Fix for Open Source Licensing Issues

urlingame, Calif.—The Open Source Initiative (OSI), the non-profit organization that manages the Open Source Definition and certifies open-source licenses, lists nearly 60 approved licenses on its Web site—and at the rate they’re currently being added, that tally may increase before you’ve finished reading this article. The large number of licenses

An Introduction to Game Programming with JavaScript

ost game programs follow the same recipe?the game must gather input from the user, process that input and any other data, and render objects to the screen. Usually, the program creates event handlers that listen for user input via the mouse, keyboard, or other input device, and a game loop