April 5, 2005

Preparing for Indigo—Choosing the Right Technology Today

ndigo is the next generation application connectivity and services from Microsoft, superseding the variety of .NET connectivity solutions available today: ASMX Web services, Remoting, and Enterprise Services. Since .NET debuted some five years ago, all three technologies have been inundated in either hype or misconceptions. With Indigo around the corner,

Executing a Subprocess

To be able to read from two streams, you need two threads. A common mistake is to start a process and then only read standard out (stdout. Another mistake is to read one after the other. In both cases, the process may block if it writes more than the buffer

Detect an Operator Overloading a Class

How can you detect if a class overloads a particular operator when you don’t have the source for the class? You can define the operator globally so that it accepts all user defined types: class no_operator {};class Any{public: Any(…){cout

Use SQLyog Tunneling for Secure MySQL Server Management

ost Web hosting providers block port 3306 (the MySQL server port) at the firewall to prevent outside access. As a result, many MySQL developers and administrators can’t access and manage their own MySQL servers remotely; they must use the Web-based interfaces that their ISPs provide. Although these Web-based tools generally