May 19, 2005

Letting Java in on SQL Server Notifications

tarting with SQL Server 2000, Microsoft added the concept of notification services to their flagship database engine. SQL Server Notification Services lets you generate and send notifications whenever some criterion

Use Callbacks to Isolate Concurrency Bugs

ne of the most common errors Java programmers make when they first learn multi-threaded programming is to misunderstand locks. They believe that locking an object prevents access to its fields

Masked Edit Control

To include characters in your mask that are also part of the set of mask syntax characters, escape them by using the backslash () character in front of the character

Use Reflection to Find Dynamic Class Information

Use this code to find information?such as the method name or the parameters?of a dynamic class: import java.lang.reflect.*;public class DynMethodNames{ public static void main(String a[]) { try{ //passing class name

Using StringBuilder in .NET

StringBuilder has an Append method that returns a reference to itself. This is useful for when you want to append several items in one go. The following code is an

Display Alert Messages on Separate Lines

Everybody knows that the alert() function in JavaScript is used to display messages in a dialog box. For example, the following code: alert(‘Hello Prakash’); will pop up with this message: