June 15, 2005

Identify the Owner of a User Table

If your database is maintained by more than one user and some of those users have rights to create tables, it can be difficult to identify the owner of a given table. The sp_tables stored procedure can help you: sp_tables ‘table1’

Choosing Between the CLR and T-SQL in SQL Server 2005

icrosoft’s integration of the .NET Framework and the CLR directly into the database engine in SQL Server 2005 is a key enhancement. The result is a major paradigm shift for database application developers and administrators, who can leverage the new functionality in many different ways. In this article, you’ll gain

Apply a Gradient to Any Control that Has an hDC

This class allows you to apply a gradient to any control that has an hDC?forms, Pictureboxes, etc. Simply load the class and tell it the start color, direction of gradient, stop color, and the control to color. Then render it. It uses two API calls to perform the rendering, so

Automatically Invoke a JSP Page from Within a URL

Suppose that when a URL contains the word UserLogin, you want it to invoke the login.jsp file. You can use the entry in web.xml to accomplish this. The user will never know that a .jsp page is actually being used here for login purposes, which can prove to be a

Using Pixels in WinForms .NET

Though .NET no longer supports twips, one twip is still 1/1440 inch. You can use the dpiX and dpiY properties of the Graphics class to obtain the horizontal or vertical resolution of a Graphics object in inches, and then multiply by 1440 to get the number of twips: g.dpix *

Obtaining Wireless News with J2ME and PHP

he Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is targeted at cell phones, smart cards, pagers, and other consumer devices. J2ME technology consists of a virtual machine and a set of APIs suitable for tailored runtime environments for these devices. PHP, on the other hand, is a widely used server-based language