July 14, 2005

Build an Embedded Array Language in Java

t’s really not surprising that the first “killer app” in the world of personal computing was the spreadsheet. After all, a table filled with numbers is one of the simplest and most useful metaphors for displaying and analyzing data. Arrays of numbers are a cornerstone of numerical programming. They are

Manipulate XML Documents in C++ with xmlbeansxx

mplementing XML processing in C++ can be a headache. Parsing and building XML documents with DOM takes a lot of coding and it’s slow, error prone, and not resistant to changes in the XML Schemas. One solution to these problems is to use an XML-to-code binding tool. These tools use

Monitoring Technologies Put Developers in an Ethical Hotseat

here is great power today in databases, in technologies that gather and organize information, and in global, nearly-instant communications. And today’s developers understand and apply these powerful technologies in applications that simplify business processes, provide pertinent and useful intelligence, and improve business agility. But many companies are starting to use