November 3, 2005

Producing Professional MSDN-style Documentation with .NET and NDoc

he .NET framework provides a nice way to insert XML documentation tags inside C# source code. These tags can then be extracted to an XML file, and using NDoc, transformed into fully-functional MSDN-style documentation. Software NeededBefore delving into the how the process works, here’s a short list of the software

Custom Web Controls Demystified, Part 1

hen ASP.NET was released in 2002, it gave Web developers a whole new design paradigm to work with; one that varied greatly from the classic Active Server Pages (ASP) that many Web developers had worked with in the past. At the heart of this new way of developing Web applications

Comparing Strings Properly in Java

The semantics of ==, with regards to string comparison in Java and C#, are totally different from each other. Suppose you have two strings?s1 and s2?and the following statment: // valid Java and C# codeif (s1 == s2) { // A}else { // B} In Java, you would not always

Converting a String to a GUID

There is a simple way to convert a string, which is in the correct GUID format, into a GUID. Simply do the following: GUID GUID = (SqlGUID.Parse(s)).Value;