January 27, 2006

Introduction to Tablet PC Development

f you are familiar with development on PCs using Microsoft’s tools, you already know most of what you need to develop for Tablet PCs. The main addition in the Tablet PC development arena is that of Digital Ink and the features that go along with it, such as Ink collection,

The Modern World of Mobility

recall my first laptop computer. During my first year of college, I purchased an NEC laptop from my college advisor, Art Sanchez. This computer was sweet. Here’s the list of features: 640K memory, two 720K floppy drives, and a green LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. Yes, it had an LCD?which

Welcome Letter from the Tablet PC Team

elcome to the CoDe Magazine Focus issue on Tablet PC and Mobile PC application development. On behalf of the Mobile PC Business Unit at Microsoft (see Figure 1), I’d like to thank Markus and the fine folks at CoDe magazine, our content contributors, and you, the developer, for your continued

Object Generation: A Better Approach to Hibernate Integration

ibernate is a practical, high-performance Java persistence framework. Using Hibernate is nearly transparent, but the one detail that even Hibernate can’t hide is the notion of object identity and equality. It’s a critical detail that typically infects all persistent objects with tedious and error-prone code. This article offers a different,