May 24, 2006

Simplify Launching Applications from the Run Menu

You can launch applications like Visual Studio Enterprise Manager from the Run Menu on the fly. Many people use the Quick Launch for this purpose, but there is a better, faster way to do this with your keyboard. Many standard applications have some shortcut names which allow you to launch

Use BigDecimal Instead of Double Data Type

In certain situations, you need to show the exact decimal values. If you use the double data type, you need to truncate the decimal values. To avoid truncation while obtaining proper decimal values, you can use BigDecimal instead of double. Here’s the code public static void main(String arg[]){ BigDecimal bd

Making Complex Arrays

Sometimes you need a vector or list of associations. An association is a pair of values that has some link in the problem model. For example, a student and grade are associated with each other. Suppose you want to maintain the grade of each student. You need a list of

Identify “Drop Out” Columns Used in Stored Procedure Definitions

Assume that there are 1000 stored procedures available in your SQL Server database. At some point, you’ll need to drop some columns from the table definitions due to enhancement needs. If any of your stored procedure definitions used the columns you dropped out, you’re going to have a rough time

Powerful, Flexible Text-Formatting Solutions in SQL Server

emoving extra empty spaces is a pretty common task that seems very simple, but in reality it is not as trivial as you may assume. The first impulsive solution that many programmers try is replacing two empty spaces with one, which works as long as the number of empty spaces