June 13, 2006

RAD in the Time of Agile Development

apid Application Development (RAD) software development techniques have become an integral part of day-to-day software development in the past four years. This is the same RAD that James Martin described

Try and Ye Shall Succeed

have a recurring dream. It happens often enough that I think of it in waking moments. The dream goes like this. (Don’t you hate it when people tell you their

Heard on .NET Rocks!: Cogan Rules

am the host of “.NET Rocks!,” an Internet audio talk show for .NET developers online at and . My co-host Richard Campbell and I interview the movers and

MVP Corner: Technology Overload

he cry is getting louder and louder and is even starting to come from gurus everywhere, including the likes of Billy Hollis, Jon Box, and Clemens Vasters. “What the heck