July 18, 2006

Struts to Stripes—A Road Worth Traveling

orting an existing Java Web application to a new framework is probably not at the top of most developers’ fun-stuff-to-do lists. In addition to the time of learning a new Web framework, the tedious process of converting things like tags, internationalization systems, and validation can force even the most courageous

Achieving Synchronicity: A ListBox Double Feature

uilding complex Web controls with rich-client interfaces often requires the integration of some client-side JavaScript code with the control’s server-side code. While in some cases this does not have to be complicated to achieve some pretty nifty results, it can often break the data synchronization between the control’s internal server

Get Your Code Flowing Faster with Windows WorkFlow Foundation

ur daily lives revolve around a series of activities, decisions, and rules. For example, upon waking one of the first activities you do is probably to brush your teeth, followed by washing your face, etc. You have to make decisions, such as what to eat for breakfast and which tie