August 2, 2006

Build Brilliant Client/Server Apps with J2ME, PHP, and MySQL

rite once, run anywhere. This Java motto seems to hold true even for mobile devices. Indeed, since it was born J2ME has had an ever-increasing impact on mobile development. Some may argue that J2ME is not as portable as other Java technologies, but even so, the result obtained on different

Determine Whether a Table Has an Identity Column

This code is for MSSQL Server, but applicable for MS SSQL Server 7 or above. Check in T-SQL: SELECT OBJECTPROPERTY(object_id(‘TableToBeChecked’), ‘TableHasIdentity’) SQL Server returns 1 if the table has an identity column, 0 if it doesn’t.

The Added Benefit of Using New Instead of Malloc

It’s common knowledge that you should avoid using the malloc function in C++. Most programmers use new in its place. The biggest advantage to using new is that it not only allocates memory (what malloc does), but it also calls the appropriate constructor. Here’s an example: suppose you’ve got a

Platform-independent New Line Characters

Because you need to use the new line character in most outputs?and because the line-terminating characters differ on different systems?you need to be able to identify what kind of system you’re working on. Thankfully, Java provides a method with which you can retrieve the specific new line character for the