April 19, 2007

Boost ASP.NET Performance with Precompilation

he latest version of ASP.NET, version 2.0, supports several new and exciting features that promise to enhance developer productivity, administration and management, extensibility, and performance. One of these features is precompilation, which either developers or administrators can use to precompile ASP.NET applications before they are deployed. Moreover, the new precompilation

Using Hotstrings in AutoHotKey to Perform Group Emails

Lots of people use online email like Gmail nowadays, but one functionality these types of email hosts lack is the ability to refer to a group of contacts and have every email in that group receive the mail. If you want to send the same email to twenty people or

Use AutoHotKey to Write a JavaScript Bookmarklet to the Browser Window

To make a hotkey that does something complicated in the browser you will probably need to send a JavaScript bookmarklet to the browser address bar. For example, suppose you wanted a hotkey that sent the current page as a bookmark to del.icio.us. You’d do something like this: ^d:: Send !d

Organizing and Loading Common/Specific Properties

Oftentimes, you’ll need to use common properties across projects, while being able to override or load new properties that are project specific. Java’s Properties class allows for flexibility when organizing this. Suppose your common properties are in a file called common.properties, and two projects, A and B, have their properties

Capturing Mouse Events with a Transparent Window

In my recent article on the AutoHotKey scripting language, I advocated using hotkeys to address different domains separated into their own scripts. Of course, when you start a script up you might have difficulty remembering what hotkeys and actions the script allows. Luckily, AutoHotKey allows you to make GUIs quickly.

Using Namespace Aliases in .NET

In most cases, when there are namespace conflicts, developers tend to use the complete qualified name in the code. For example: using System.Web.UI.WebControls;using MyComponent.Web.UI.WebControls; This is usually okay for simple class files?assuming that there is a Calendar class in both namespaces and you need to use the custom class in

RESTful Web Services: The Keep-It-Simple Style

first wrote an XML-over-HTTP web service almost a decade ago. At that time, it seemed a completely natural solution to a practical business problem: provisioning web-based, product-pricing quotes. As web services became a formal technology with numerous standards, I became somewhat weary of the true usefulness of the technology. It