July 18, 2007

Converting from Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Vice Versa

Use the following code to convert from Centigrade to Fahrenheit and vice versa: Function CentToFaren(ByVal cent As Double) As Double Return cent / 0.55555555556 + 32End FunctionFunction FarenToCent(ByVal faren As Double) As Double Return (faren – 32) * 0.55555555556End Function

Look Up a Bean Interface in EJB 3.0

In principle, in EJB 3.0, you can access a bean from another bean by looking it up in the interface (local or remote). Here are two solutions for doing that: Through the JNDI, you still have the portability: //get the default JNDI initial contextContext ctx=new InitialContext();//get the bussiness interfaceObject obj=ctx.lookup(BusinessInterface.class.getName());//convert

The #flastmod and #fsize Server-side Includes

The #flastmod and #fsize server-side includes provide important information on web pages hosted by classic ASP web sites. The #flastmod include prints the date when the file was last modified. The #fsize include prints the size of the specified file. When you apply these includes to a web site that

Will Your Next Web Application Be a Google Gadget?

ince AJAX first appeared, developer interest in JavaScript has increased exponentially?and toolsets for building functionality in JavaScript have burgeoned as well. One of the latest tools for JavaScript-related development is Google Gadgets. Many web sites already provide gadgets built with the Google tools, and you can, too. This article shows