December 19, 2007

Grabbing Pixels from an Image

This tip shows you how to extract the pixels from an entire image or from a piece of an image. The following code shows the PixelGrabber class: PG=new PixelGrabber(IMG,0,0,L,H,pixels,0,L);try{ PG.grabPixels();}catch(InterruptedException e) {System.out.println(e.getMessage());}if((PG.getStatus() & ImageObserver.ABORT)!=0){ System.out.println(“Can’t grab all pixels!”); System.exit(0) ;} As you can see, one of the overloaded PixelGrabber constructors

Potential Problems with Friend Classes and Functions in C++

In C++, it is possible to declare as a friend a class that was not declared anywhere else. This behavior is specified in the C++ Standard (11.4), but it can lead to problems if used incorrectly. For example, suppose your friend class is mistyped, as in the example below: class