April 23, 2008

Start Your Engines: Mobile Application Development

oftware engineering is all about choices. Choices have to be weighed: performance vs. scalability, complexity vs. flexibility, pros vs. cons, and good vs. poor design. In mobile application development, we

The Mobile Platform Cheat Sheet

hen choosing the technology and target platform for your mobile project or application, you will find several possibilities. There are several kinds of mobile phone platforms available and most have

Android Mobility: Open Source Hits the Road

ven prior to Google’s splashy announcement about Android late last year, rumors were swirling about the so-called “gPhone.” Now that programmers have had several months to experiment with early releases

SharePoint Applied—Stsadm Is Your Friend

n this article, I’ll introduce you to my best friend in SharePoint land, Stsadm.exe. No, this article is not a reference on Stsadm, neither is it an introduction to SharePoint.