October 8, 2008

Read an XML Document with the StAX Iterator API

This tip shows an example of how to use the Iterator API to read from an XML file: import javax.xml.stream.*;import javax.xml.stream.events.*;import java.io.*;public class StAXBasicEventReader{ public StAXBasicEventReader(){} public static void main(String[] args) { XMLInputFactory XMLif=null; XMLEventReader XMLer=null; System.setProperty(“javax.xml.stream.XMLInputFactory”, “com.sun.xml.stream.ZephyrParserFactory”); //get an XMLInputFactory object XMLif=XMLInputFactory.newInstance(); //setting the XMLInputFactory corectly XMLif.setProperty(“javax.xml.stream.isSupportingExternalEntities”,Boolean.TRUE);XMLif.setProperty(“javax.xml.stream.isNamespaceAware”,Boolean.TRUE);XMLif.setProperty(“javax.xml.stream.isReplacingEntityReferences”,Boolean.TRUE); //getting an

How To Debug Classic ASP Pages in VS 2005

VS 2005, like its predessor, does not allow debugging for classic ASP pages, by default. This forces you to attach the ASP worker process (w3wp.exe). Follow these steps: Enable ASP debugging on the server. Open the Classic ASP Page in VS 2005. Set breakpoint. View page in browser or run

“Supply Chain” SOA with SKOS

enry Ford’s development of assembly lines was of major significance to the manufacturing process. Ford brought all of the raw materials and skilled workers into a single facility and focused on the efficiency of building the entire product. The assembly line model was in place for many years before a