October 22, 2008

Boot Faster by Disabling the Windows XP Splash Screen

Disabling the Windows XP splash screen helps your startup go faster. To do this, open boot.ini from the root folder and add ? /noguiboot? right after ?/fastdetect?. That’s it! Note: Doing this prevents you from seeing boot-up messages.

Serialize and Deserialize an Object to an XML File in C# 2.0

The example in this tip uses an ArrayList object to serialize, deserialize, and store itself in an XML file. However, you can also use user-defined objects. First, add items to an ArrayList object: ArrayList myItems = new ArrayList(); myItems.Add(“item1”);myItems.Add(“item2”);myItems.Add(“item3”); Next, you need to serialize the myItems object and store it

Setting Logger Output with FOP

The following code demonstrates how to set a logger for FOP. You can send the logger’s messages to the System.out or in a file like this: //to System.outLogger logger=new ConsoleLogger(ConsoleLogger.LEVEL_INFO);fop.setLogger(logger);MessageHandler.setOutputMethod(MessageHandler.SCREEN);MessageHandler.setScreenLogger(logger); //to a file (the log.txt file)MessageHandler.setOutputMethod(MessageHandler.FILE);MessageHandler.setLogfileName(“log.txt”,true);