October 29, 2008

Location-Based Services Using CellID in Windows Mobile

ast articles have discussed how to interface with GPS receivers to obtain the geographical position of a device and then transmit the information over to a server for mapping purposes. However, not all mobile devices today have built-in GPS receivers. Moreover, GPS does not work in-doors. This seriously limits the

Place a Colored Border on a Control

Suppose you simply want to change the border color of a control to something other than black, so you looked for the BorderColor property in the Properties Window…but it’s not there. There is actually a very easy answer to this problem, but you’re asking the wrong question. “How to give

Disable JSP Auto-Reloading

Most application servers/JSP engines can load JSP servlets dynamically. This allows the application server/JSP engine to load the JSP servlets every time you configure them. For example, suppose you configure your auto-reload time for one second. The JSP engine will load that JSP servlet after every second. Though this feature