December 3, 2008

Measuring Enterprise Architecture’s Value Proposition

As enterprise architecture (EA) matures into an established discipline in most moderate to large scale IT organizations, EA is increasingly being challenged to demonstrate objective evidence of its contribution to the corporation. Beginning even before the current economic crisis began, the senior business management intensified their scrutiny of IT in

Determine Whether a String Representation of Date/Time is Valid

Use the following C# 2.0 code to determine whether a string representation of date/time is valid: string s=”04/01/2008″; //string to be converted to date time object.DateTime result;bool success = DateTime.TryParse(s, out result); //try parsing the string to check if ‘s’ contains valid date time.if(success) //returns ‘true’ if conversion was successful.{

Calling a SOCKS Proxy Server from Java

This tip shows you how to call a SOCKS proxy server from Java code using the Socket class: SocketAddress addr=new InetSocketAddress(?socks_server_proxy?, socks_port);Proxy proxy=new Proxy(Proxy.Type.SOCKS,addr);Socket socket=new Socket(proxy);InetSocketAddress final_addr=new InetSocketAddress(?final_server?, final_port);socket.connect(final_addr);?

Execute a Block of Text in SQL Server Management Studio

In SQL Server Management Studio, you can use the Alt key in your keyboard to select blocks of text to execute. For instance, suppose you have the following statements: –@DELETE FROM ORDERDETAIL–DELETE FROM ORDER–DELETE FROM PRODUCT–DELETE FROM PRODUCTCATEGORY–DELETE FROM CUSTOMER # You’d place the cursor where the @ symbol is,