March 14, 2009

Taking XML Validation to the Next Level: XSD Schema vs. CAM

n the first article in this series, you saw the rudiments of template-building and validation with CAM. This part of the series presents a much more detailed comparison between XML Schema and CAM. Schema Validation Because XML Schema is well-established, the tools for designing schema are considerably richer. CAM does

Enterprise Architecture Strategy in Times of Economic Turmoil

hile the value proposition of Enterprise Architecture (EA) should always be transparent, the severity of the current economic downturn intensifies doubts about whether EA contributes to the economic survivability of many corporations. With immediate pressure to reduce cost and decreased focus on long-term competitive advantage, EA?s role in determining and

Debate Over Traditional vs. Agile Software Development as Religious as Ever

For those of you who didn’t attend Scott Ambler and Terry Quatrani’s keynote “Software Development Strategies, Philosophies, and Techniques: Traditional vs. Agile” at this week’s SD West conference, let me give you the gist of the first half: Advocates of traditional software development approaches, such as waterfall and V-Model, are