January 6, 2010

Windows 7 Accelerating Corporate PC Purchasing

While previous surveys showed that corporate IT buyers were postponing their purchases in anticipation of the release of Windows 7, the latest survey shows just the opposite. For the coming quarter, 73 percent of the 1,753 corporate IT buyers surveyed said their companies would be buying new laptops, while 69

Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing

This report explains why more cloud-based applications will soon be available to mobile workers and how that will benefit large enterprises. It provides forecasts for traditional mobile cloud applications, new mobile cloud applications and hosted mobile services, as well as subscriber and revenue estimates for every region of the world.

Top Five Changes For Application Development In 2010

1) Embrace cloud as an early-stage platform; 2) follow in the footsteps of the Web giants and Web startups; 3) favor flexibility and cost over platform loyalty; 4) become passionate about user experience; and 5) upgrade the talent on application development teams.” Forrester also recommends that application development teams strive

IDC’s Top Ten Predictions for 2010

The study’s top predictions for the year include: 1. Growth will return to the IT industry, as spending levels increase by 3.2%. 2. Telecommunications spending will increase by 3%. 3. More than half the IT industry growth will be in emerging markets led by China, India, Brazil and Russia. Growth

Google Chrome Passes Apple Safari, Barely

From the ‘WebKit Browser’ files: The latest December 2009 data from Net Application gives Chrome an incremental lead over Safari. According to Net Applications, Chrome has a 4.63 percent share while Safari holds 4.46 percent. While Chrome now has (barely) past Safari, it is still far behind the number two

Parsing XML with Hpricot, a Gem of a Ruby Gem

Jason Gilmore writes: I recently completed a project that involved parsing a large number of XML documents. Although XML is often touted as being “human readable,” it’s not exactly something I’d like to cozy up with on a dark and stormy night. In fact, the goal was to avoid having

The Future of Authentication for Online Services

Companies that adopt stronger authentication methods can alleviate these worries and reduce the risk of doing business online. In sectors like higher education and healthcare, where patient records and student data need to be protected, the significant benefits of online services could be forfeited due to data protection and user

Open Source Songbird To Be Bundled on Millions of Portable Music Players

Songbird is the open source competitor to Apple’s iTunes. Today, Songbird will announce a deal with Philips that could mean the open source music player will be shipping on millions of Philips’ GoGear portable music devices. TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid has the story. “Songbird will be releasing a Philips-branded version of

Google Releases Java ‘Convenience’ APIs

Gavin Clarke at The Register reported that the “library includes new collection types for Multimap, Multiset, and Bitmap, a MapMaker builder for concurrent hash maps, and an Ordering collection Google described as ‘Comparator on steroids.’” It’s all about convenience. “The library’s functionality simplifies your code so it’s easier to write,