January 12, 2010

Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

Have developers who use DirectX “fallen under the spell” of Microsoft marketing or are there valid reasons for using DirectX instead of OpenGL? This Slashdot post and the resulting thread explore the pros and cons of OpenGL and DirectX in particular and delves into the Microsoft vs. open-source in general.

Transitioning from XSLT 1.0 to 2.0, Part 2

The recursive nature of XSLT1 template calls provided a great deal of power, but at the cost of often requiring that stateful information that a particular template might need be passed in from an ancestor template through each intermediate template. A consequence of this was that deep templates might end

Palm Opens Developer Program, Adds Plug-In Support

Last August, Palm opened its application catalog to selected developers who have since created around 1,000 apps for the Pre and Pixi handsets. Now, it’s expanding the program to everyone. “We look forward to some incredible growth in our application catalog this year,” said Katie Mitic, Palm’s senior vice president

This Will Be The Year Adobe’s 2 Million Flash Developers Come To The iPhone

Currently, Apple’s iPhone doesn’t support Flash. While they haven’t been able to change Apple’s mind on supporting Flash, the folks at Adobe are working on a workaround. In their latest package of Flash developer tools, they’ll include a “Packager for iPhone,” which will automatically turn any Flash app into an