January 13, 2010

Sound Off with Soundex

If you call a restaurant to make reservations, it doesn’t really matter how they spell your name. If your name is Shawn Dwayne, it doesn’t matter if they write down Shaun Duane, Sean Dwyane, or Shaan Dhuane as long as they can read their handwriting when you show up to

About One Percent Of Google Android Apps Bad

Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t vet apps before allowing them to be listed in the Android Market. As a result, as much as 1 percent of those apps contain malware or otherwise violate Google policies. And the apps aren’t removed until users complain. In a statement to the FCC, Google explained,

Apache Mulls End of 1.3, 2.0 Releases

While nothing definite has been announced, the Apache Software Foundation is definitely hinting that the end may be near for its 1.3 series, and perhaps the 2.0 series as well. Instead, the organization would focus development efforts on its more recent 2.2 series. Observers tell TechWorld that the move would