January 20, 2010

The Rising Importance of Cross-Platform Applications

Consumers are using more netbooks, smartphones, and other devices that don’t use Windows. Until we live in a world where all apps are delivered over the Web, developers will need to create applications that work on Windows, Mac, or Linux, as well as a growing host of mobile platforms. “It’s

IBM’s Project Vulcan: The Next Generation of Lotus Notes and a Rival To Google Wave

On Monday, IBM introduced Project Vulcan at its Lotusphere event. Vulcan’s features–an aggregation of email, calendars, profiles, to do lists and social analytics—have analysts comparing it to Google Wave. IBM says the project “is not a brand-new effort. It builds on the existing capabilities, and represents the future versions of,

Are There Enough Smart Developers for Google?

“Is Google doing itself a disservice by pursuing only the smartest of the smart?” wonders Datamation writer Eric Spiegel. Are there even enough computer science majors in the country who could correctly answer the sorts of brainteasers Google is known to ask? And are those smart people necessarily the best

Build an AJAX-Enabled CMS with Visual WebGUI: Adding Menu Components (II)

One of the basic components of any application is the menu system. It allows users to navigate across the application and launch the modules. Menu components should be customizable both on look and feel and functionality, and user should be able to develop and integrate them easily into application.The MiniCMS