February 9, 2010

Location-Aware App Review

In a recent report, Skyhook found more than 6,000 location-aware apps for the iPhone, 900 for Android, and 300 for Blackberry. However, only 43 of apps worked cross-platform. Not surprisingly, the most popular category for location-aware apps was travel, followed by social networking services and sports and fitness apps. The

The Future of Web Content — HTML5, Flash, and Mobile Apps

In this article, Allaire argues that the HTML5 vs. Flash vs. native apps debate and the open vs. proprietary code debate won’t be solved any time soon. Instead, he believes the different technologies will be deployed in the situations where they make the most sense. For example, while HTML5 seems

Moonlight 3.0 Preview Offered For Rich Internet Apps on Linux and Unix

According to Novell and the Mono Project, a new alpha release of Moonlight 3.0 brings the capabilities of the Linux/Unix software closer in line with the capabilities of Microsoft’s Silverlight 3.0. Those capabilities include MP4 demixer support, UI virtualization, a platform abstraction layer, 3.0 Binding/BindingExpression support, pixel shader support, and

Why a Moderator is Key in the Engineering Review Process, Part II

In Part 1 of this series you learned that design discussions and code reviews can be divided into four modes of speech using the four Critical Conversation Cards: Inquiry, Suggestion, Concern, and Clarification. Now I am going to talk about the importance of establishing an Idea Under Consideration and identifying