February 12, 2010

Apache Beehive Project Retired

Yesterday, Apache announced that the Beehive Java programming model has been retired. Although the code is still available in the Apache Attic, the foundation will not be releasing any more updates. “Over time, the rate of contributions to the project declined, and it just slowed down and we didn’t do

Why We Should All Pay More For Our Mobile Phone Apps

The Guardian’s Vic Keegan sees a problem with the fact that 87 percent of phone app downloads are free. He doesn’t think that technology giants like Apple should be making so much money while the developers who create the applications that make Apple’s technology so usual get paid peanuts–if they

Best Practices and State of the Art Tools for Modern GUI Creation

Building a user interface that meets an enterprise’s requirements by hand can be tedious, time-intensive, and cost-prohibitive. This white paper explains how GUI builders can make the process between two and ten times faster, with corresponding decreases in costs. It also offers criteria for distinguishing which GUI tools will be

How to Create a Software Startup, Part I

There is a glut of overly optimistic literature giving advice and encouragement on entrepreneurship, innovation, and fearlessness in the face of risk. The advice can be quite misleading due to its authors’ success bias, because they represent the tiny percentage of people who have succeeded and are given a voice

MuleSoft Launches Cloud-Based Tomcat Web App Server

Software company MuleSoft has announced the availability of “Cloudcat” a virtual image of the Tomcat Web server that makes it easier to develop and test Web apps in the cloud. Currently Cloudcat is available through Amazon Web Services (runs on Canonical Ubuntu) for 35 cents per hour or through GoGrid