February 19, 2010

Oracle Set To Merge Java Virtual Machines

In last month’s roadmap session, Oracle said that it planned to combine Sun HotSpot Java Virtual Machine with the JRockit JVM; now it has added some details to those plans during a recent Webcast. Oracle’s Mark Reinhold, a former Sun employee, said that the company plans to continue developing both

CodePlex Open Source Group Moves Beyond Microsoft

Since it’s inception last September, the CodePlex Foundation has accepted only Microsoft projects, including the Orchard Project and the ASP.Net Ajax Library. The Microsoft-back organization, which intends to bridge the gap between software companies and open-source communities, announced Wednesday that it has accepted Headspring’s MVC Contrib project. The project doesn’t

2010 Software Spending Devoted To Existing Systems More Than Emerging Technologies

In a survey of enterprise and SMB IT executives, Forrester Research found that the bad economy has led many companies to put off buying upgrades for existing applications. This year, those organizations plan to spend their software dollars updating existing apps rather than purchasing new ones. “Despite all the hype

Top 10 Online Communities for Technologists

To understand how deeply social media has become engrained into the heart of modern Web and even world culture, you only have to imagine the world in the year 1999 where there was no MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or Meetup, and the only social spaces online were creepy Craigslist encounters. The