February 20, 2010

Google Certification Program: Building Cloud Approved Developers

Google is courting developers with a new “Qualified Developer” certification. In order to achieve the title, developers must rack up enough points in four different categories: application development, community participation, references, and a qualification exam. Those who do successfully complete the requirements will be able to use a special logo

Bump’s Mobile Data Swapping API Now Open To Everyone

Bump wants everyone to use their technology to transfer data from one smartphone to another. With that goal in mind, they’ve released an API and held a developer contest to recognize creative apps that use Bump. Winning entries include CheckOut, which transfers gift cards; CloudNote, which swaps digital Post-It notes;

Bonjour Programming on the iPhone, Part I

Bonjour is Apple’s implementation of the Zeroconf protocol, which enables the automatic discovery of computers, devices and services on an IP network. In this article, you will learn how to implement Bonjour on the iPhone by using the NSNetService class to publish a service. You will also use the NSNetServiceBrowser