February 23, 2010

Proactive Performance Monitoring For Web Apps

AppDynamics 2.0 monitors the performance of Web 2.0 applications. Specifically, it keeps tabs on Java or .Net applications with a minimal hit to application performance. It provides real-time charts and diagrams that provide a high-level view, while also allowing managers to drill down into the actual data to discover the

The Truth about Mobile Application Stores

How do the various app stores compare? Here’s what Distimo found: Android has the highest percentage of free apps (57 percent), followed by Palm (32 percent) and Apple (25 percent). Microsoft and RIM users pay about twice as much for apps as other platform users. The Apple has the largest

The Web Hacking Incidents Database 2009: Bi-Annual Report

What are the biggest security threats to Web applications? Here are some highlights from 2009 research: 19 percent of security incidents targeted Web 2.0 features. 1 in 5 incidents attacked social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. 28 percent of attacks result in site defacement. SQL injection was the most

FOSS Devs Can Collect Damages From License Violators

A district court has ruled that open-source developer Robert Jacobson can collect monetary damages from Matthew Katzer in a case first filed in 2005. Jacobson created the Java Model Railroad Interface (JMRI) code, which Katzer used for his commercial model train software without attribution. In 2008, a federal appeals court

Electric Cloud Simplifies Software Production Management

Electric Cloud, a provider of software production management solutions, rolled out two enhanced tools this month that provide developers with automated alternatives to tedious, costly, and error-prone manual build-test-deploy processes.The tools in question are ElectricCommander 3.5. and ElectricAccelerator 5.0.ElectricCommander automates and manages the manual pieces of the build-test-deploy process, making