February 25, 2010

Microsoft Sets App Dev Investment Priorities

In a blog post titled “Key Software Development Trends,” S. Somasegar, senior vice president of the Microsoft Developer Division, explained how Microsoft intends to respond to some recent development trends.

Apple’s Ban On Risque Apps Helping Google

Last week, Apple began removing apps from the App Store that contain sexually explicit or suggestive content. So far, it has deleted 6,000 apps that had been previously approved, about

Performance Testing in Agile Environments

Performance testing should never be an afterthought in the development process, but incorporating it into Agile processes can be difficult. Developers must consider service-level objectives, focused performance testing, test data

Need a job? Learn Drupal

Despite signs that the economic downturn is ending, jobs continue to be scarce. But that’s not the case for developers who work on Drupal and other open-source software. Cnet reports

Moonlight Feels Right for Mono 2.6

The latest version of Mono 2.6 and the Mono Graphical editor MonoDevelop 2.2 was released in December, and with this version Mono is now more compatible with regards to Microsoft