March 3, 2010

Intel Dangles Cash to Lure Developers to Its App Store

Intel has announced that it’s starting a “Million Dollar Development Fund” aimed at recruiting developers to write applications for netbooks with Atom processors. Between April 1 and April 14, 250 developers who write apps for the AppUp Center will receive $500. During the same period, the creators of 100 apps

Android App Brings In $13k a Month

Developer Edward Kim says he makes $400 per day on an app he built called “Car Locator.” The Android app uses a phone’s built-in GPS to help users remember where they parked, and it alerts them when the parking meter is about to run out. Originally, the app sold for

Taking a Java-Based App Offline Using Flash Builder, LiveCycle Data Services

There are many benefits to taking an enterprise application offline, especially in today’s world, when everyone is seemingly connected to the Internet. Enterprise users often find themselves outside their corporate firewall. But rather than dealing with a slow-to-respond IT department and less-than-straightforward security concerns, they want their applications ready to