March 4, 2010

Vimov Helps Developers Test Multitouch iPad Apps

Apple provides an iPad simulator, but it only runs on desktop machines–machines that don’t have a GPS or multi-touch capabilities. One solution is to use Vimov’s iSimulate app for the iPhone. It lets developers test iPod apps on the iPhone, potentially getting a head start on the competition. Vimov claims

Where Android Beats the iPhone

InfoWorld says that not only can Android phones compete with the iPhone, they’re a better choice for most developers and businesses. Why? For one, an Android phone is essentially a “Unix machine you can slip into your pocket.” Android apps like GScript and RemoteDB make it possible to write your

Google Handing Out Free Nexus Ones and Droids to Top Android Devs

Earlier this week, Google sent out e-mails to developers of Android apps with at least 3.5 stars and 5,000 downloads informing them that they would receive a phone. Developers in the U.S. will receive either a Droid or a Nexus One, while developers in other countries where the phones are

Optimizing Without Breaking a Sweat

Working with DreamWorks Animation, several Intel employees developed an innovative technique for optimizing common Linux bottlenecks without any source or build system changes. To do it, they used LD_PRELOAD to preload highly optimized libraries from Intel Thread Building Blocks, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives and run-time libraries provided with Intel C++

Microsoft Offers Upgrade Deal for Developers

If you currently use the standard version of Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2005, you’ll be able to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Professional for $299. (Microsoft isn’t offering a “standard” edition for the latest upgrade.) But you’ll have to purchase before October 12 to qualify for the deal.

The Art of Narrative and the Semantic Web

The art of the narrative is one of the strongest threads running through our society and culture, and is in many respects one of the defining traits of humanity. “The story” is more than just a recitation of facts or assertions (whether real or otherwise). A good story is experiential.