March 30, 2010

Early iPad Apps To Cost Twice As Much As iPhone Apps

Based on analysis of leaked iPad screenshots, most developers are planning to charge iPad users about double what they charge iPhone users. The pricing strategy seems to make sense for now because the pool of iPad users will initially be much smaller than the number of iPhone users, meaning application

Cloud-based Mobile Applications On the Rise

While it’s way too easy to get a brain-freeze every time you hear or read about cloud computing’s transformative this and oh-so-superlative that, developers of mobile apps have one solid reason to love the cloud — it can greatly simplify their lives. The cloud gives them a slice of code-cruncher

Looking to Capitalize on the Boom in Mobile Application Development

Start-up TheyMakeApps wants to become the central marketplace for one of today’s hottest commodities—mobile application development experts. The site won the business category award at the South by Southwest interactive festival and already lists about 900 developers. Developers who would like to be listed can create a profile and upload

Introducing the Agile Desktop

In order for agile development processes to succeed, you’ve got to create software that actually works for the end user. And that means dealing with your “bug debt” along the way. In this white paper, Klocwork explains that its source code analysis solution can help agile development teams Reduce bug

Future Developers Benefit From New Apprentice Scheme

ScrumIT is offering seven would-be software developers a unique opportunity—the chance to apprentice under “master developer” Mel Pullen. Pullen says, “I’m staking my reputation on being able to take people as young as 16 and turn them into confident and experienced craftsmen: people who are able to work as a