April 8, 2010

Amazon Adds Messaging to its Web Services

Amazon has announced a new feature for its Web services. Known as Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), it allows developers who use the cloud-based service to send messages to software as a service subscribers via e-mail, HTTP, or other means. “Building and maintaining messaging systems is the type of undifferentiated

Windows Phone 7, Silverlight Are Business-Ready

At the recent Mix 10 conference, Microsoft promoted the Windows Phone 7 operating system’s entertainment capabilities, and it highlighted the Silverlight rich Internet application platform’s ability to stream video from the Olympics and a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. But some analysts say that all the focus on the fun and

Will Oracle Help Java Regain its Status?

What lies ahead for Java under Oracle’s control? Will the software giant help Java regain its lost status as the development darling of the cool kids? Or will it seek to monetize Java by incorporating the language, which debuted in 1995, into a revenue stream of Oracle middleware? Oracle, currently