April 14, 2010

Survey Shows the Growing Importance of Smartphones to Business Professionals

A new survey by cloud computing phone service provider RingCentral confirms that belief that smartphones are coming to dominate business professionals’ live. More people said they would rather give up their morning cup of coffee than said they would give up their smartphone, and smartphones tied for first place with

Google Plans To Expand Cloud Computing Services

At a roundtable discussion on Monday, Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise hinted that the company is planning to expand its cloud services with an emphasis on “value added” services for developers. What does that mean? Details aren’t clear, but the discussion centered on giving developers access to Google technology,

Steve Jobs: Apple Owns “Pad” Trademark

Recently, Apple told developer Chris Ostmo that if he wanted his app approved, he had to remove the word “pad” from its name. When he asked why, Steve Jobs replied in an e-mail, “It’s just common sense not to use another company’s trademarks in your app name.” Despite Job’s assertion,

Intel Still Seeking Java as AppUp Store Boasts 200 Apps

In January, Intel announced that it was creating an app store that would feature application development tools and that it would be giving away cash payments to those who posted their apps. So far, the “AppUp Center” features 200 apps. According to Developer World, Intel is in talks about adding

Can Agile Development and Project Scope Control Co-Exist?

During my travels last week, I had a conversation with some folks in the consulting industry. Over dinner, one expressed his frustration with Agile development cycles in a fixed price contracting scenario, citing that “nothing ever seems complete in Agile.” As you can imagine, the conversation became very animated. As