April 29, 2010

DevX Permissions

The DevX site is full of valuable resources for the developer community. To avoid legal complications, we need to obtain your permission to use any computer code and any related materials (“resources”) that you are providing to us in comments, on the forums, or in any other manner. For more

Playing Video on the iPhone and iPad

Playing videos is one of the most common tasks on the iPhone. On the iPhone, all videos must be played full-screen. However, on the iPad, this rule has been relaxed — you can now embed videos within your iPad applications. This makes it possible for you to embed more than

Apple Sets June Date for WWDC; Will a New iPhone Launch?

Today, Apple announced the plans for its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. In addition to revealing the date and location of the event, Apple made it clear that iPhone OS 4 will be in the spotlight. Sessions will cover five main topic areas: application frameworks, the Internet and Web, graphics and

Android 2.2 to Support Flash

In a wide-ranging conversation, Andy Rudin promised that the next version of Android would support Adobe Flash technology. Sometimes being open “means not being militant about the things consumer are actually enjoying,” he said. Rudin proclaimed the benefits of openness several times, saying, “Open usually wins.” He added, “We use

Nokia Delivers Qt SDK Beta

Nokia’s latest software development kit for the Qt user interface framework offers two primary benefits: It makes it easier to target applications for Nokia phones, and it makes it easier to recompile code so that it works on Symbian- or MeeGo-based devices. According to Nokia’s Sebastian Nystrom, “With the Nokia