May 14, 2010

Foursquare Unveils App Gallery

Following in the steps of Twitter and Facebook, location-based social networking service Foursquare is turning into a platform. Company co-founder Dennis Crowley knows of 100 apps based on Foursquare and believes there may be as many as 500. To find out, Foursquare is creating a new Apps Gallery. Application development

Adobe Fights Apple With Pro-Flash Ad Campaign

In the seemingly never-ending argument between Adobe and Apple over Flash, Adobe has responded to Steve Jobs’ critical open letter with a much gentler ad campaign. The ads boldly proclaim, “We ? Apple” followed by text that explains they also love creativity, innovation, “our three million developers,” HTML 5, and

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Moves Toward Final Release

As soon as Microsoft released the latest emulator for Windows Phone 7, hackers began tearing it apart. While Microsoft insists, “The emulator is based on early code and is not reflective of the final user experience,” others aren’t so sure. A screen which reads “Software: Windows Mobile 7.0 6176.WM7RC1Escrow(buildlab).20100406-1457” has

Top 10 Ways to Decide What Type of Startup is Right for You

Before suggesting what type of business is right for you, I should say that there is no right or wrong here, and that there are exceptions for every rule. Many gems can be uncovered only after defying every rule in the book and the person who tells you “no you