May 22, 2010

Google Programming Frankenstein Is A Go

According to officials at Google, portions of the company’s back-end infrastructure are now running applications written in Go, a cross between Python and C++. “We’re already using Go internally at Google for some production stuff,” said Go developer Robert Pike. “The language is pretty stable.” Google made the language open

SAP Seeks Agile On A Mammoth Scale

New SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe says the company is committed to agile development. “We see that the traditional waterfall model is not agile enough, not fast enough to capture the real requirements,” he said. “In fact, in the time it takes from the moment you define your requirements until

Google Rolls Out IT-Friendly Android OS Upgrade

At the I/O Developers conference, Google offered an overview of the new features in Android for both users and developers. At the top of the list of changes are improved speed and support for Flash. The OS also now integrates well with Microsoft Exchange, providing account auto-discovery and calendar synchronization.

Programmatically Retrieve a System’s Logical Drive Information with C#

The following C# code references the System.Management namespace to retrieve information about logical drives in a system. You just need to supply the username, password and machine name for the system whose drives you want to probe. After you have entered this code, you can then examine other properties of