August 21, 2010

Orleans: Microsoft’s Next-Generation Programming Model for the Cloud

Currently, developers can use Microsoft’s existing tools, like .Net and visual studio, to write applications for the Azure cloud. However, Microsoft is also working on a project code-named “Orleans” which will “provide the abstractions, programming languages, and tools that make it easier to build cloud services.” No one yet knows

Developers Buy Entire Stock Of Google Nexus One

It used to be that anyone could buy a Nexus One smartphone from Google’s Web site, but no one wanted to. Now, the phone can only be purchased by registered Android developers, and it’s apparently become a hit, even though the price is the same. Google’s Tim Bray blogs, “A

Developers Unhappy Over Oracle Android Suit

David Cao, an organizer of the Silicon Valley Android Developers group, says “The group is very, very unhappy” with Oracle’s lawsuit against Google. Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth adds, “Oracle has significantly undermined its relationship with the open source and developer community. That may or may not have an immediate impact on

A Peak at Technology’s Future — Augmented Reality

SAN FRANCISCO — Augmented reality is what you get when you superimpose data over the physical world, and it’s merely cool today. But it’s already providing lots of opportunity for developers, and it’s expected to become big business within the next 10 to 15 years. Speakers at the Search Engine