September 11, 2010

10 Concerns With Google Instant

On Wednesday, Google released the much-rumored and anticipated major change to its search. Google tends to make many small algorithm changes on weekly and sometimes daily basis, but this change

Adobe Resumes Work on iPhone Development

Adobe had previously created Packager for iPhone, a tool that allowed developers to turn apps created with Flash into native iOS apps. However, when Apple announced a few months ago

Apple Lightens Up on App Rules

Apple has been heavily criticized for its approach to iPhone and iPad application development, but it seems to be taking some steps to smooth developer relations. The company will now

Mobile Development Tool RESTs on CouchDB

CouchOne (formerly Couchio) has announced a new mobile application development tool called “CouchMobile.” According to the company, the platform allows programmers “to write Web applications one time, scale horizontally, and

Overlooked Essentials for Optimizing Code

Blogger Walter Bright says that two activities separate programmers who write fast code from those who don’t: using a profiler and examining assembly code. [login] While most developers have been

Apple Eases App-Development Restrictions

In an attempt to mend fences with its developer community, Apple has taken two surprising steps. First, the company relaxed the restrictions which banned developers from using third-party tools to