September 22, 2010

Oracle to Scale Back Features for JDK 7

Monday at JavaOne, Oracle’s Thomas Kurian set out “?to make sure every developer is crystal clear on where we see the Java platform evolving.” For now, Oracle’s Java plan involves eliminating the Coin, Jigsaw and Lambda projects from the Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 release train. That will allow the

A New, Friendlier App Store Era

In recent days, Apple has approved several apps that compete with Apple products. First Opera and Google Voice and now the VLC Media Player for the iPad became available through the App Store. VLC is particularly noteworthy because it allows users to view movies without converting them to iTunes, a

Native Apps Account for Half of Mobile Internet Traffic

Mobile analytics firm Zokem has released a new report analyzing 10,000 smartphone users and 6.5 million smartphone app use sessions. They found that native apps now account for half of smartphone data usage. Just a few years ago, the Web browser accounted for 70 to 80 percent of mobile Internet

Engineer to Exec: How One CEO Did It

All too often software engineers end up feeling like they’ve maxed out their career potential, and that there is no where else to grow in their jobs. Not true, and Mark Herschberg is Exhibit A. recently published a profile of Hershberg, detailing how the former software engineer made his

Ellison, Hurd Tout Oracle’s Ambitious Cloud Plan, Fusion Business Apps

SAN FRANCISCO — Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Develop and JavaOne are consuming a huge chunk of the city by the bay this week, spilling out of the cavernous Moscone Convention Center, shutting down a key section of the heavily traveled Howard Street and gobbling up several nearby hotels. The massive trade

Improve the Quality Of Java-Based Projects Using Metrics

It’s been observed that the performance of software applications starts degrading as the data volume and user base of the application increases. Hence, the need arises to identify the bottlenecks by capturing certain metrics, analyzing them against benchmarks and then applying techniques such as refactoring to optimize source code. This