October 17, 2010

RIM Tries Harder on Apps

Sales of BlackBerry smartphones are down 25 percent this year, and RIM’s poor app store is getting a lot of the blame. “It’s horrible,” says Terry Hughes of developer Widality. “We couldn’t make enough money to grow organically,” despite having one of the BlackBerry’s most popular apps. [login] To change

Google Improves App Engine SDK

Google is rolling out version 1.3.8 of its App Engine SDK with a number of improvements for both Python and Java developers. First, they’ve added a new Instances pages to the Admin Console which lets developers track information, including latency and memory use, about all server instances currently in use

In-App Purchases Generate More Revenue than Ads

Analytics firm Flurry has published a new report which shows that in-app purchases have displaced ads as the top source of revenue for mobile games and social networking apps on the iOS platform. In fact, in September 2010, virtual goods accounted for 80 percent of mobile developer earnings in these

How Attributes Can Help You Debug an App

Attributes provide a great way to improve the readability and maintenance of your application’s code. You can decorate your classes, methods, properties, etc. with metadata information and then inspect these elements as and when needed. This article discusses how attributes can play a major role in improving the debugging experience