October 22, 2010

IDC: Software as a Service on a ‘Tear’

A new report from IDC says that software as a service (SaaS) is on “a tear,” with expected compound annual growth rates of 26 percent through 2014. “Software will never be the same again” said IDC’s Robert Mahowald. The firm also expects SaaS revenue to grow six times faster than

Resource Sharing, Part I: An Architect’s Perspective

In this two-part series, we will focus on Resource Sharing: as it pertains to the software/system architect and as it pertains to the infrastructure provider.  In other words: from both the supply and demand perspectives.    Resource Sharing Resource sharing: it is an interesting concept really – nothing new in

App Store Will Increase Competition in Mac Software

At yesterday’s “Back to the Mac” event, Steve Jobs offered a sneak peak at the latest version of OS X, codenamed “Lion.” Among the OS’s new features is a Mac App Store that brings the familiar functionality of the mobile App Store for the iPad and iPhone to the desktop.

Apple Posts Guidelines for Mac App Store

Apple’s restrictions for its iOS App Store have been the subject of much discussion. So what will be allowed in the newly announced Mac App Store? Here are some highlights of Apple’s guidelines: [login] No “beta,” “demo,” “trial,” or “test” versions No duplicates of apps already in the store No

Why Developers Should Pay Attention to Node.js

Node.js allows developers to build networked applications in JavaScript outside the browser, and it’s being used by thousands of developers. Why? Developer Guillermo Rauch explains, “Most web developers are already using jQuery, MooTools, or similar frameworks to leverage JavaScript on the browser. That means they’ll be instantly familiar with Node.js,