December 8, 2010

The Rise of APIs — Lessons from the Cloudstock Conference

SAN FRANCISCO — Cloudstock: You might have seen the ads on our site for this cloud programming event. We did an advertising campaign on CodeGuru and several other sites. The result was a sold out show. Obviously, I’ll give CodeGuru credit for helping sell out the show. At Cloudstock, there

Java 7 and 8 Get the Green Light Over Apache Opposition

The technical specifications for both Java 7 and Java 8 have been passed by the Java Community Process (JCP) in an executive committee vote. The vote for both JSR-336 on Java 7 and JSR-337 on Java 8 was 12 in favor and three opposed. The new Java 7 and 8

Google Launches App Engine SDK 1.4

The new Google App Engine SDK 4.1 offers a number of new features. For example, it now includes a Channel API, a bi-directional communication service that lets apps push notifications to users. It also adds an “Always-On” feature that allows developers to reserve up to three instances of their applications,

Android Market Adds ‘Similar’ Tab to Boost App Discovery

Google has added a new feature to its Android Market that should make it easier for users to find apps they will like. A “Similar” tab recommends apps based on a user’s browsing and shopping habits, and it also displays pricing information and ratings. [login] The Android Market now contains

Programming ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, Part 1

There are plenty of Object Relational Mapping tools available now. You have nHibernate, LINQ to SQL, Entity Spaces, and what not. The ADO.NET Entity Framework is an extended Object Relational Mapping Tool from Microsoft that has over the past few years become increasingly popular and is being widely used these

Apple Won’t Allow Demos, Trials, Betas on Mac App Store

Apple has updated the News and Announcements page on its developer site with some new information about the Mac App Store, which is expected to launch in January. Unlike the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store won’t allow beta or trial versions. “Your website is the best place to