January 13, 2011

Why the Scrum Method has Broad Appeal

According to the latest State of Agile Survey,conducted by VersionOne, Scrum is used by 58 percent of Agile teams, up from 50 percent, the number reported in 2009. Scrum adoption clearly has momentum, but what is the big attraction, and is it something we should consider for the future? I

iPhone App Developers Are Excited About The Verizon iPhone

Verizon’s announcement that it will begin selling a version on the iPhone that works on its network in February has generated a lot of buzz in the mobile application development community. They’re excited for two big reasons. [login] First, a Verizon phone means more sales of iPhones and thus more

JRuby Upgrade Called Biggest Release Ever

JRuby, the Ruby variant for Java Virtual Machines, has just launched what project leader Charles Nutter calls “the biggest JRuby release we’ve ever done.” Version 1.6 adds support for Ruby 1.9, as well as offering improved performance and better Microsoft support. [login] Though it’s still not as past as Java,

Smartphone Owners Paid Less for Apps in 2010

According to new research from Distimo, app prices are dropping, and free apps are becoming more popular. During 2010, the average price for an iOS app dropped 12 percent, and Blackberry apps plunged 24 percent. While Android apps actually increased 1 percent overall, prices on the top 100 Android apps

PHP Fog Raises $1.8 Million to be the Heroku of PHP

Many developers are familiar with Heroku, which helps programmers develop and scale Ruby applications. Startup PHP Fog wants to offer similar functionality for PHP developers, and it’s just raised $1.8 million from investors to help it do so. [login] Unlike Heroku, which has shared resources, Fog gives each developer a