February 10, 2011

Rep. Markey Urges FTC to Probe Apple’s In-App Purchases

As in-app purchases have become a more popular way for developers to monetize their apps, it’s become more common for children to make those purchases. A loophole that provides a 15-minute window where iTunes log-ins aren’t required to make purchases has turned this into a problem for iOS apps. In

Agile Development at 10: Evolving Again

Ten years ago this week, the Agile Manifesto was signed at the Snowbird Retreat in Utah. Agile development techniques spread quickly, and soon the whole developer community was talking about practices like pair programming, TDD, frequent check-ins, and continuous integration. Since then, agile has evolved considerably to encompass the entire

Report: Salaries on the Rise for Developers

IT staffing and consulting firm Bluewolf has released a new report which says that most developer salaries are likely to rise in 2011, particularly those with mobile app experience. In addition, networking experts and systems analysts will also see pay increases. By contrast, C-level executives should expect pay to stay

20 Signs You Have Been Programming Too Long

As software engineers, we are often faced with difficult and abstract challenges. At times we can get quite carried away with solving our engineering problems and lose all track of time. This is my somewhat comical list of ways we can catch ourselves when we’ve been programming for too long.